Fabricating and Producing Customized Solutions

Upgrade Your Machinery and Streamline Your Systems With Us

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Specialist

  • Complete Repair & Test Facilities for Cylinders, Pumps, Motors, and Valves
  • Duplicate Any Tube or Hose Worldwide: Metric & SAE
  • Custom Fabrication and Production Work for All Applications
  • Same Day Service on Brake Hoses Made to Order
  • Air Conditioning Hose for R134 & R12 Refrigerants
  • Hydraulic Jacks, Lift Equipment, Lubrication Equipment and Transfer Pumps in Stock

We offer a full repair facility for repairs on cylinders, pumps, jacks, and more!

Brake Hoses and copper brake pipes on black background.

Serving the Four Corners for Over 50 Years!